Junglee Resort Rajaji National Park
Junglee Resort Rajaji National Park
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Elephas maximus or The Asiatic Elephant is largest animal of Asia and only living species of genus Elephus, Asiatic Elephant is listed under endangered species by IUCN , Asian Elephants are smaller than African Elephants and are tallest at head point , Generally elephants have 20 pairs of ribs & 34 Vertebrae, Generally Male elephants have height up to 9 feet and female elephants can have height approx 8 feet, Large Bull elephants can weight up to 6 tons.
Indian elephant needs 300 kgs of food every day, elephants live in humid tropical jungle for cold temperature forest areas , breeding starts at age of 15 years and one calf is born after a gap of four years. Life span of Elephant is approx  70 to 80 years .

  Asiatic Elephant are declared as endangered species , generally moves in forest to forest in herds , elephant herd are made of families & sub groups, Elephant herds have females & young male as part of herd and Adult males live solitary life , they come in group for mating and after staying around 15 days again leave the group.     Elephants have poor eyesight but have great sense of hearing and smell  There are  around 500 wild elephants at Rajaji national park.

    Elephants are very intelligent and can respond to 40 words when trained.  Elephant habitat is tropical subtropical forest where they live with spotted deer , sambar deer and other wildlife , the gestation period of elephant is very long 19 to 21 months hence the birth rate of elephant is poor as the minimum interval between two calves is 4 years , That's why elephant population growth rates is very low .

Elephants are herbivores animals and consume per day approx 100-150 kgs Grass , Plant leaves , crops etc., Elephants always live near water source and require 100-200 litres drinking water once a day , Elephants also need clay, soil as desire for salts and minerals, Generally female is head of elephant herd and adult males roam solitary , Elephants have very good smelling ability and can generate infrasound to communicate with each other.

Generally Tiger and Elephants avoid facing each other


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