Sambar Deer

Sambar Deer ( Rusa unicolor ) is found at Rajaji National Park in large numbers and is known as largest deer . Sambar Deer has brown or blackish color fur on whole body , Male has slight mane too.

Male fully grown Sambar deer has average height of 5 feet and average weight approx 350 kgs , though many Sambar Deer have weight of 500 kgs.

Male Sambars have antelopes and solitary by nature , Sambar Deer’s call is well known as signal about presence of Tiger near by and this call is authentic 90 % time, Sambar Deer is favorite prey of Tiger and 60 % Tiger kills are Sambar Deer.
Male Sambar Deer makes territory marking by its antelope on trees , Sambar Deer is nocturnal animal and prefers to move at night , though day time movement is also noted of Sambar Deer.

Sambar Deer Rajaji National Park
Sambar Deer is quite similar with Barah Singha(?????????) which is found at Kanha National Park in Madhya Pradesh, but Sambar has blackish shade of fur.

Sambar farming is done at Australia for horns of Sambar , which they shade every year handles of guns and knives are made by Sambar horns.

In captivity Sambar dear can live up to 24 years but in wild average life of Sambar Deer is 12 -14 years


Indian Jackal
Plenty of Jackals are found at Rajaji National Park , Known as Indian jackal ( Canis aureus indicus ), Jackal has brown color fur on body and black & white fur on top , chest color is creamy white, Generally adult Jackal can have length of 40 inches , height approx 20 Inches, and weight approx 10 Kgs.

Jackal :

Jackal gets out from its shelter holes in morning and returns back at evening , Jackal can live every where in dense forest , otskirts of towns, Jackal survies on crops , garbage and leftovers of other carnivorus animals and some time can kill small deer, hare etc.

Alone Jackal who is not part of a group makes a strange friendship with Tigers and they help Tigers in hunting at alert about prey by making “Phew ” sound , Many times its seen alone Jackal is maintaning friendship with three Tigers at a time and keeps few meters distance from Tigers .


There is good news for wildlife lovers as Striped Hyenas population is rising at Chila Range & Gauhri range where Junglee Resort Rajaji Park is situated , Approx 40 Striped Hyena are present at Rajaji National Park , Striped Hyena & cubs were found by camera traps at Chila & Gouhri ranges of Rajaji Park .
Striped Hyena can live up to 12 year in natural habitat , though in captivity they can live more than 20 years, Striped Hyena is monogamous nocturnal & omnivorous animal, There are approx 10000 Hyenas are present in whole world , Approx 40 Hyenas are found at Rajaji National Park.

Striped Hyena leaves his Den after Sun set and return back before Sun Rise , That’s why its very difficult to sight Hyena while enjoying open Gypsy Safari at Rajaji National Park , An adult Hyena can weight up to 50 Kgs , They Dig their den generally but some times they steal den from other animals , Striped Hyena den is almost 5 mtrs deep , and can be easily recognized as several bones could be found at mouth of den., Striped Hyena are known to stand against attacker but many times they act as being dead to avoid attack. Striped Hyena Jaws are very strong and can break even Camel Thigh bone is one attempt.

Striped Hyena at Rajaji National Park


Generally human attack are very less by Hyena but some times attack is reported on child, Striped Hyena survive on remains of other animal’s kill and very rarely they kill by their own , On condition of attack Striped Hyena spray some liquid from anus gland to distract attacker.


Sloth Bear

Sloth Bear ( Melursus ursinus ) is found in large quantity at Rajaji National Park , Sloth Bear has long lips as they are insectivores & nocturnal animals , Main feature of Sloth Bear is its long snout & elongated face which helps them to catch insects , absence of upper incisors and presence of long lower lips helps them to catch more & more insects, Long claws help them to climb trees and consume honey and fruits., Generally attack on humans are not reported by Sloth Bears and are omnivores animals. Sloth Bear has a mane around the face. Sloth Bear in Rajaji National Park

Asiatic Black Bear

Asiatic Black Bear ( Ursus thibetanus ) is also known as Moon Bear , Asiatic Black Bear have many similarities with Brown Bear, Black Bear are herbivorus animals, Generally Black Bear like to be on trees most of the time, Asiatic Black BEar have slight round face and known as notorious for attacking humans, Asiatic Black Bear movement is seen in day time . Asiatic Black Bear does not have mane around the face and has short snout and round face. Asiatic Black Bear has white chest spot .



Panthera pardus fuska or Indian Leopard is found in large numbers in India at different places , though Indian Leopard was declared near Threatened in 2008 by IUCN, There are many categories in Leopards in India as Indian Leopard, Snow Leopard, Clouded Leopard Etc. Generally Male Leopard has size approx 4 ft – 4 ft 8 inches of body size excluding tail and weight up to 50 kgs to 75 kgs. Females are smaller inn size 3.5 ft size and weight approx 35 kgs.
Leopard food is antelopes ,deer ,rodents ,birds ,reptiles ,monkeys and fish , Leopard loves to eat dog too. Leopard lives in woodlands , Life span of Leopard is approx 15-20 years, Leopard is a solitary animal and moves during the day and night.
Leopard doesn’t eat its kill on the spot like tiger and lion and it gets the kill away to a safe place, There are several cases when this muscular cat has been carried the killed animal to top of tree. Mother Leopard carries her babies from one place to other place for safety purpose, Cubsleave mother after 2 years when they are fully grown .
There are approx 250 leopards present in Rajaji National Park , Though Leopard also prey on domestic livestock including cattles, When a Leopard becomes man eater it is more dangerous then Tiger because of the knowledge of the habit of men , Leopards are distributed throughout the India.
Black Panther is melanite version of Leopard and balck spots are visible in sun light under balck colored skin . Some times Leopard can kill Python & Crocodile too.

Leopard has similarity with Jaugar, Leopard can run with speed of 58 kms per hour for a short duration , Leopards are very good tree climbers, Favorite prey of Leopards are Dog , Domestic Animals, Spotted Deer, Barking Deer, Hare ,Wild Boar and Some times Sambar Deer & Blue Bu

Wild Elephant


Elephas maximus or The Asiatic Elephant is largest animal of Asia and only living species of genus Elephus, Asiatic Elephant is listed under endangered species by IUCN , Asian Elephants are smaller than African Elephants and are tallest at head point , Generally elephants have 20 pairs of ribs & 34 Vertebrae, Generally Male elephants have height up to 9 feet and female elephants can have height approx 8 feet, Large Bull elephants can weight up to 6 tons.
Indian elephant needs 300 kgs of food every day, elephants live in humid tropical jungle for cold temperature forest areas , breeding starts at age of 15 years and one calf is born after a gap of four years. Life span of Elephant is approx 70 to 80 years .

Asiatic Elephant are declared as endangered species , generally moves in forest to forest in herds , elephant herd are made of families & sub groups, Elephant herds have females & young male as part of herd and Adult males live solitary life , they come in group for mating and after staying around 15 days again leave the group. Elephants have poor eyesight but have great sense of hearing and smell There are around 500 wild elephants at Rajaji national park.

Elephants are very intelligent and can respond to 40 words when trained.  Elephant habitat is tropical subtropical forest where they live with spotted deer , sambar deer and other wildlife , the gestation period of elephant is very long 19 to 21 months hence the birth rate of elephant is poor as the minimum interval between two calves is 4 years , That's why elephant population growth rates is very low .

Elephants are herbivores animals and consume per day approx 100-150 kgs Grass , Plant leaves , crops etc., Elephants always live near water source and require 100-200 litres drinking water once a day , Elephants also need clay, soil as desire for salts and minerals, Generally female is head of elephant herd and adult males roam solitary , Elephants have very good smelling ability and can generate infrasound to communicate with each other.

Generally Tiger and Elephants avoid facing each other


Royal Bengal Tiger ( Panthera tigris tigris ) is the real King of Jungle and now growing very fast in India as recent tiger census has shown that Royal Bengal Tiger population is increasing in India and is seen as success of Project Tiger Porgramme . Bengal Tiger which is found at Rajaji National Park has height of 3 feet and weight from 130 kgs to 180 kgs, Tigers food is deer,wild boar , antelope etc.
Tiger lives in humid evergreen forest and mangrove swamps ,breeding of tiger is 3-4 cubs in a time and pregnancy takes about 3.5 month , Tiger is an endangered species.
Tiger generally rests during day in shade and begins to hunt for food uses its eye sight & hearing power for hunting, Tiger can not see great distances , when it is close to prey it runs like lightening and pounce on prey and take it on ground.
Tiger usually eats 5 kg at a time but can eat as much as 27 kg in one night , Two Tiger greet each other by rubbing heads and making a “purring” sound , Tiger is a super predator and important member of carnivorous family , was dominating in all over south east Asia but now is a limited spread over India ,Pakistan ,China , Mongolia, Thailand and Sumatra.
Tiger leads the solitary life and courtship period and association between mother and Cubs is the only association & socialization of Tigers.

Very soon Rajaji National Park is going to Part of Project Tiger and will be known as Rajaji Tiger Reserve., Siberian Tigers are big in size and their fur is thick then Indian Tiger, Tiger live where water & prey are available with places to hide .
It is called Royal Bengal Tiger as Bengal was fixed as traditional locality of binomen Panthera tigris and nomenclature was done by British taxonomist Reginald Innes Pocock in year 1929 , Royal Bengal Tiger is national animal of India, Royal Bengal Tiger has yellow color fur with black stripes , lower body parts are white in color .

A male Tiger has average sixe of 270 cm – 310 cm and female Tiger has average size of 240 – 265 cm , Average weight of male Tiger could be 200- 250 Kgs , Female Tiger has average weight in between 100 Kgs – 150 Kgs. No need to say that Tiger is carnivours animal and is totally a killing Machine.

Rajaji National Park has more then 20 Tigers and Gohri range has where Junglee Resort is located has very good movement of Tigers.