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Mongoose In Rajaji National Park
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Common Mongoose ( Herpertes edwards ) Mongoose is characterized by distributed features like long body short limbs a long bushy tail and bright beady eyes , They have small ears forming a small semicircle close to the head it has also got manifold ears opening a natural protection against duster .

Mongoose in India are frequently exhibited by wondering snake charmers and are familiar to most of the people in India ,The Mongoose eats vegetable food and have a preference for meat having predator instincts , which turns them into a good hunter this is shown in the structure of the teeth of Mongoose,  which are compressed blades for cutting meet their manner of hunting is distinctive on account of their predatory instinct mongoose are good hunter and preys on frogs , crabs, lizard , mice, snakes etc.

While invariably roots and berries also are part of their meal although prefers meet . Cats and civets hunt by teeth and they take their prey by crafty approach for by pouncing up on it .Mongoose in Rajaji National Park

The method of the mongoose is a direct open and had long attack its prey and mongoose goes for it but if the distance is too far before pouncing , It stalk for a sufficiently near approach or follow its query by sent.

A mongoose may trail it to its burrow and on entering digs its victim out . Its pointed head , small ears , lissome body and short legs are well suited to give the mongoose easy entry, Mongoose are capable of killing of the deadly cobra , while excited it's hair  bristles and give it a larger appearance. On excitement and blood thirsty ness they kill a bigger than their requirement .

For single genius Herpestis has spread from Africa to Spain and the southern part of Asia . Six species of the genus inhabit of southern Asia , All of them are found in India .

Generally Mongoose have length of 70 Cms, and body weight approx 1.5 Kgs, There food menu is termites, frogs, eggs, mice, fruits, roots, scrubs etc.  Life span of Mongoose is 3- 5 years



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