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Jackal at Rajaji National Park
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Indian Jackal

Plenty of Jackals are found at Rajaji National Park , Known as Indian jackal ( Canis aureus indicus ), Jackal has brown color fur on body and black & white fur on top , chest color is creamy white, Generally adult Jackal can have length of 40 inches , height approx 20 Inches, and weight approx 10 Kgs.

Jackal gets out from its shelter holes in morning and returns back at evening , Jackal can live every where in dense forest , otskirts of towns, Jackal survies on crops , garbage and leftovers of other carnivorus animals and some time can kill small deer, hare etc.

Alone Jackal who is not part of a group makes a strange friendship with Tigers and they help Tigers in hunting at alert about prey by making "Phew " sound , Many times its seen alone Jackal is maintaning friendship with three Tigers at a time and keeps few meters distance from Tigers .

Indian Jackal at Rajaji National Park

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