About Rajaji National Park

Raja Ji National Park is located 205 Kms from Delhi near Haridwar , Raja Ji National Park is located 7 Kms from Haridwar & 20 Kms from Rishikesh Town.

Raja Ji national park has beautiful flora & fauna and has variety of wild animals as Tigers , Wild Elephants, Leopards, Deer and many more…

Fauna At Rajaji National Park

Most popular entry gate of Rajaji National Park is Chila near Haridwar , One has to cross Ganga Bridge and take left towards Chandi Mata Temple , Go 6 Kms streight and Entry Gate of Rajaji is located. Chila Safari is one of the best Safaris near Delhi and one can compare with Dhikala Safari of Corbett as large grasslands can be seen at Chila like Dhikala in Corbett.

Rajaji National Park has 37 tigers and generally tigers are visible and one can see pug marks in each safari But Rajaji park is more famous for wild elephants , As Rajaji park has largest population of elephants in Uttarakhand , One can enjoy many herds of Elephants in after noon safari as elephant movement is more frequent in after noon time.