Junglee Resort Rajaji National Park
Junglee Resort Rajaji National Park
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Indian Wild Boar ( Susa scrofa cristatus ) is similar to domestic pig and don't have thick under wool like Wild Boar found in western countries, Indian Wild Boar has prominent bands on mouth & snout and also have long manes, It is high skulled animal.

Wild Boar is known as ancestor of domestic pigs, There is a big difference in Wild Boar and Domestic Pig that is Wild Pig have 70 % body weight at posterior part of body and Wild Boars have most of the muscles near shoulders.

Wild Boar have well developed canine teeth in males, and are omnivores animals they can eat roots , bulbs and tubers of plants , seeds , nuts and berries, Leaves , Barks of trees, and even fish , earthworms, insects, eggs, snakes, frogs, lizards and even garbage & meat of dead animals. Wild Boar can run at speed of 40 Kms per hour and can jump up to 5 feet, Wild Boar have very good smelling power and hearing power but his eye sight is poor and is unable to see beyond 15 meters properly.

Adult Make Wild Boar is solitary animal and leave sounder at age of 15 month , females live with sounder or make their new sounder near by , Sounder is female dominated, Breeding period is from November to January and a single male can mate with 6-10 sows.Generally 6-10 piglets are born after 4 month gestation period.

Wild Boar can live up to age of 14 years in wild but in captivity about 20 years. Tigers and Leopards are main predators in India , Leopard is threat for younger Wild Boars and females and Tiger Generally Kills fully grown male Wild Boars , A Single Tiger can Kill 30-40 Wild Boars every year.




Wild Boar at Rajaji National Park

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