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Today Rajaji National Park is in the itinerary of every popular tour operator in India , particularly those dealing in adventure and wildlife tourism or white water rafting tourism , However there are various important issues worth consideration before short-listing the tour operator.

Rajaji National Park is the nearest national park from national capital New Delhi and secondly Rajaji National Park has the maximum tourist attraction places nearby, As Rajaji National Park is located only 15 kilometers from Rishikesh , 2 kilometres from Haridwar , 40 kilometers from Dehradun .

One can see Ganga evening Aarti , enjoy white water rafting at ganga , enjoy bungee jumping near Rishikesh and the main attraction open gypsy safari at Rajaji National Park.

One should be careful for selecting tour operator for wildlife tourism an eco tourism , One should check certain things for selection of best tour operator for tour of Rajaji National park.

The best advisors in eco tourism & wildlife tourism are  who can get a visitor there in a safe and environmentally sound way , look for one is following general principles of independent and guided tours.

Look forward to providing extensive and in depth visitor information , able to advise travelers on avoiding in making noise and its impact on sensitive ecosystem , who prepare travelers for encounter with native animals and plants , actively participate in prevention of environmental desecration.

Who knows literature , greetings and lead by example and by taking corrective actions practices prevention of accumulated impact of tourism awards , areas that are under manners and over visited uses adequate leadership and maintains groups , small enough to ensure minimum impact on destinations.

Although packages are different made by different tour operators but one should check certain things as inclusive 3 nights accommodation at a resort , package includes travel by taxi to resort and back to Delhi , all meals are part of the package , it includes a tiger safari by open gypsy , includes elephant ride if allowed package includes bird watching , guide naturalist are made available throughout the tour, all park entry fees are included in the package fee etc.

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