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Royal Bengal Tiger ( Panthera tigris tigris ) is the real King of Jungle and now growing very fast in India as recent tiger census has shown that Royal Bengal Tiger population is increasing in India and is seen as success of Project Tiger Porgramme . Bengal Tiger which is found at Rajaji National Park has height of 3 feet and weight from 130 kgs to 180 kgs, Tigers food is deer,wild boar , antelope etc.
           Tiger lives in humid evergreen forest and mangrove swamps ,breeding of tiger is 3-4 cubs in a time and pregnancy takes about 3.5 month , Tiger is an endangered species.
            Tiger generally rests during day in shade and begins to hunt for food uses its eye sight & hearing power for hunting,  Tiger can not see great distances , when it is close to prey it runs like lightening and pounce on prey and take it on ground.
                  Tiger usually eats 5 kg at a time but can eat as much as 27 kg in one night , Two Tiger greet each other by rubbing heads and making a "purring" sound , Tiger is a super predator and important member of carnivorous family , was dominating in all over south east Asia but now is a limited spread over India ,Pakistan ,China , Mongolia, Thailand and Sumatra.
          Tiger leads the solitary life and courtship period and association between mother and Cubs is the only association & socialization of Tigers.

Very soon Rajaji National Park is going to Part of Project Tiger and will be known as Rajaji Tiger Reserve., Siberian Tigers are big in size and their fur is thick then Indian Tiger, Tiger live where water & prey are available with places to hide .

It is called Royal Bengal Tiger as Bengal was fixed as traditional locality of binomen Panthera tigris and nomenclature was done by British taxonomist Reginald Innes Pocock in year 1929 , Royal Bengal Tiger is national animal of India, Royal Bengal Tiger has yellow color fur with black stripes , lower body parts are white in color .

A male Tiger has average sixe of 270 cm - 310 cm and female Tiger has average size of 240 - 265 cm , Average weight of male Tiger could be 200- 250 Kgs , Female Tiger has average weight in between 100 Kgs - 150 Kgs. No need to say that Tiger is carnivours animal and is totally a killing Machine.

Rajaji National Park has more then 20 Tigers and Gohri range has where Junglee Resort is located has very good movement of Tigers.




Tiger at Rajaji National Park

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