Junglee Resort Rajaji National Park
Spotted Deer In Uttarakhand
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Spotted Deer ( Axis axis ) which is known as Chital / Cheetal in Hindi is most beautiful deer and found in large numbers at Rajaji National Park .

Spotted Deer has Pinkish fawn fur coat and under parts are white in color, Male Spotted Deer has curvy Antlers , These antlers shed every year, Generally Male Deer has average height about 3 feet and weight up to 75 Kgs , Extra ordinary sized Spotted Deer can gain weight up to 100 Kgs., Females are smaller in size and have weight about 50 Kgs.

Spotted Deer have pre orbital glands , Meta Tarsal Glands & Pedal Glands , Pre orbital glands are in developed stage and helps them in fighting with skin bacteria's and also helpful in scent marking .

Spotted Deer In Rajaji National Park


Spotted Deer is found in Indian forests in large quantity and is declared least concerned by IUCN, Cheetal lives up to 12 -14 year in natural habitat and can breed round the year .

Spotted Deer live in herds and dominant stags with velvet stay in middle of herd and young stags are placed in corners of herd .



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