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Sambar Deerl at Rajaji National Park
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Sambar Deer ( Rusa unicolor ) is found at Rajaji National Park in large numbers and is known as largest deer . Sambar Deer has brown or blackish color fur on whole body , Male has slight mane too.

Male fully grown Sambar deer has average height of 5 feet and average weight approx 350 kgs , though many Sambar Deer have weight of 500 kgs.

Male Sambars have antelopes and solitary by nature , Sambar Deer's call is well known as signal about presence of Tiger near by and this call is authentic 90 % time, Sambar Deer is favorite prey of Tiger and 60 % Tiger kills are Sambar Deer.

Male Sambar Deer makes territory marking by its antelope on trees , Sambar Deer is nocturnal animal and prefers to move at night , though day time movement is also noted of Sambar Deer.

Sambar Deer Rajaji National Park
Sambar Deer is quite similar with Barah Singha(बारहसिंघा) which is found at Kanha National Park in Madhya Pradesh, but Sambar has blackish shade of fur.

Sambar farming is done at Australia for horns of Sambar , which they shade every year handles of guns and knives are made by Sambar horns.

In captivity Sambar dear can live up to 24 years but in wild average life of Sambar Deer is 12 -14 years

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