Junglee Resort Rajaji National Park
Junglee Resort Rajaji National Park
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Monitor lizard ( Varanus bengalnsis ) , Its length is approx 75 cms, and size of tail is 90 cms, Monitor Lizards prey are small birds, eggs & fishes.

Monitor Lizards live in dense forests of Rajaji National Park and prefer to stay in trees, , near villages and cultivated areas, Monitor Lizard can live up to 20 years  and known as endangered species, Monitor Lizard occupies vacant burrows or hollow trees , known as very good climber and swimmer.

In ancient times warriors used to tie a rope in Monitor Lizard and throw it on forts and soldiers were climbing on forts by help of rope tied with Monitor Lizard , as grip of Monitor Lizard is very strong. komodo dragon of Indonesia is biggest Monitor Lizard in world and has size about 4 meters.

Monitor Lizards are carnivores animals and are endangered species because of own skin , Skin of Monitor Lizard gets high value in international market and poachers try to hunt Monitor Lizard because of it , There are different kind of Monitor Lizard including Common , Water Monitor Lizard etc.

The  skin of Monitor Lizard is used in making of musical Instrument named as Kanjira , many people think Monitor Lizard has medicinal values too.



Monitor Lizard in Rajaji National Park

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