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Jungle Cat at Rajaji National Park
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Jungle cats ( Felis chaus ) are found in large numbers at Rajaji National Park,  jungle cats are solitary animal and they love to stay in burrows made by other animals .

jungle cats prefer to stay inside of dense vegetations , Generally Jungle Cats are inactive at night but one can see them moving at day time also, Jungle cats enjoy resting in sunlight , Generally Jungle Cat is  territorial animal.

Jungle Cat make territories by spraying urine and by scent marking , Jungle Cat is expert in climbing trees & they hunt by hearing sound and sense of smell .

Jungle Cat can move from one side to another side while running , Jungle Cat's preys are Birds, Hares,  Reptiles, Squirrels , Rodents etc. Jungle Cats can stay near human settlements & feed on ducks and chickens.

Jungle Cat can run up to 32 kilometers per hour, Threat to Jungle Cat are Jackal ,Sloth Bear , Asiatic Bear ,Crocodiles , Leopards , Tigers .

Generally when Jungle Cat want to attack someone it prefers to jump on the attacker but if Jungle Cat finds larger animal threat , they prefer to retreat , Generally Jungle cats are no threat for humans and only they can injure humen by claws because JUngle Cat is medium sized cat .

Jungle Cat is declared  least concern by IUCN, Jungle Cat can reach up to height of 37 inches and weight maximum 17 kg.

Jungle Cat In Rajaji National Park

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