Junglee Resort Rajaji National Park
Pythons In Rajaji National Park
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Indian Python ( Python molurus ) is found at Rajaji National Park , Average length of Indian Python is approx 10 Feet , They are also known as Indian Rocky Python & Black Tailed Python .

Indian Python has whitish color & black color patterns on whole body , prefer to reside near water source , swmaps, rocky foothills, woodlands etc.

Movement of Indian Python is very slow and known as good swimmers , can stay inside water for long time , generally prefer to stay near water bank, Indian Python is carnivores reptile and feed on small mammals , other reptiles & birds.


Indian PythonPython attacks on prey with open mouth , Jaws are not connected with each other , that's why it can swallow bigger animal then its own body size , They make a coil round the prey and tighten the grip with each breath of prey with lung contraction , prey dies with smothering and Python swallows it from head side , After eating prey Python is unable to move and if forced hard body parts of eaten animal tear body of Python , If attacked after having meal Python generally disgorge eaten animal to run away and save life from attacker, Prey can not escape from grip as Python teeth are reverse and stop animal coming out.

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