Junglee Resort Rajaji National Park
Hyena In Uttarakhand
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There is good news for wildlife lovers as Striped Hyenas population is rising at Chila Range & Gauhri range where Junglee Resort Rajaji Park is situated , Approx 40 Striped Hyena are present at Rajaji National Park , Striped Hyena & cubs were found by camera traps at Chila & Gouhri ranges of Rajaji Park .

Striped Hyena can live up to 12 year in natural habitat , though in captivity they can live more than 20 years, Striped Hyena is monogamous nocturnal & omnivorous animal, There are approx 10000 Hyenas are present in whole world , Approx 40 Hyenas are found at Rajaji National Park.

Striped Hyena leaves his Den after Sun set and return back before Sun Rise , That's why its very difficult to sight Hyena while enjoying open Gypsy Safari at Rajaji National Park , An adult Hyena can weight up to 50 Kgs , They Dig their den generally but some times they steal den from other animals , Striped Hyena den is almost 5 mtrs deep , and can be easily recognized as several bones could be found at mouth of den., Striped Hyena are known to stand against attacker but many times they act as being dead to avoid attack. Striped Hyena Jaws are very strong and can break even Camel Thigh bone is one attempt.

Striped Hyena at Rajaji National Park

Generally human attack are very less by Hyena but some times attack is reported on child, Striped Hyena survive on remains of other animal's kill and very rarely they kill by their own , On condition of attack Striped Hyena spray some liquid from anus gland to distract attacker.




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