Junglee Resort Rajaji National Park
Himalayan Bear Near Junglee Resort Rajaji National Park
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Sloth Bear
Sloth Bear ( Melursus ursinus ) is found in large quantity at Rajaji National Park , Sloth Bear has long lips as they are insectivores & nocturnal animals , Main feature of Sloth Bear is its long snout & elongated face which helps them to catch insects , absence of upper incisors and presence of long lower lips helps them to catch more & more insects, Long claws help them to climb trees and consume honey and fruits., Generally attack on humans are not reported by Sloth Bears and are omnivores animals. Sloth Bear has a mane around the face.
Sloth Bear in Rajaji National Park


Asiatic Black Bear
Asiatic Black Bear ( Ursus thibetanus ) is also known as Moon Bear , Asiatic Black Bear have many similarities with Brown Bear, Black Bear are herbivorus animals, Generally Black Bear like to be on trees most of the time, Asiatic Black BEar have slight round face and known as notorious for attacking humans, Asiatic Black Bear movement is seen in day time . Asiatic Black Bear does not have mane around the face and has short snout and round face. Asiatic Black Bear has white chest spot .


Asiatic Black Bear Rajaji National Park

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