Junglee Resort Rajaji National Park
Barking  Deer at Rajaji National Park
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Barking Deer or Indian muntjac ( Muntiacus muntjak ) is also known as red deer and known as kakar in local language , Barking deer is most numerous deer species and it has soft brownish grey color fur and short hairs .
Barking Deer is omnivorous animal, Barking Deer feeds on grass ,birds eggs ,fruits and sometimes Barking Deer
displays scavenging behavior , Why Indian Muntjac is known as Barking Deer because it makes barking sound when it see some danger like Leopards or Tiger, That sound is slight similar to dog Barking .

The male of barking deer has small antlers with length of 6 inches maximum , Barking Deer are extremely territorial and spray urnie as territory marking , Barking Deer ( Kakar ) fight with their tusks  which are their canine teeth .

Barking Deer In Rajaji National Park

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